Correct Nearsighted Vision Without Surgery

Corneal Refractive Therapy (also referred to as Orthokeratology, Ortho-K, or Overnight Vision Correction), is the use of specially designed therapeutic contact lenses, normally worn only at night, to improve vision through the reshaping of the cornea. This method can be used as an alternative to eyeglasses, refractive surgery, or for those who prefer not to wear contact lenses during the day.

These special types of lenses are the only FDA approved option available, used now for our patients at 20/20 Image Eye Centers. These lenses can be used by children as well as adults.

Say Bye to Glasses & Contacts

As Seen On ABC 15

We were recently highlighted on ABC 15 for our use of the “Ortho-K” Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) specialty contact lenses system. These special contact lenses are worn only at night and works as an alternative to wearing glasses and contacts during the day. This system works in both children and adults.

Through this special technology we are able to restore vision and allow children and adults to go through their day without the use of contacts or glasses.

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Nearsighted Therapy For Children

Paragon CRT is a specially designed FDA-approved therapeutic contact lens worn while sleeping that reshapes the cornea without permanently altering its physiology – which is important as the eyes of children and teens are still maturing. Your child wears the lenses at night and take them out in the morning. The result is clear vision throughout the whole day whether it is in class or in the game.

Studies suggest the possibility that wearing lenses such as CRT helps to slow or even stop the progression of nearsightedness.

Will CRT Improve My Vision Better Than Traditional Glasses or Contacts?

The treatment results will be comparable to vision correction provided by traditional glasses or contacts. CRT is designed to temporarily treat nearsightedness (myopia) and low amounts of astigmatism. CRT may provide a solution for you that may not be available through the use of traditional glasses or daytime contacts.

“With ASU football trials upcoming my new 20/15 vision will improve my chances and night driving couldn’t be better!”

-Greg Dickson CRT patient

20/80 to 20/20 overnight